MagiBrush Detangling Hair Brush
MagiBrush Detangling Hair Brush
MagiBrush Detangling Hair Brush
MagiBrush Detangling Hair Brush

MagiBrush Detangling Hair Brush

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Quickly detangle hair knots without the constant tugging and pulling even if it's dry hair.

Is the constant tugging and pulling hair knots getting on your nerves? Do your kids like the "hair-wars" every morning? Luckily we have the best solution that not only painlessly de-tangles knot matted hair but also helps keep it tangle-free with less hair fall.

Everyone deserves a brush gentle on the scalp that easily detangles hair mess, just like our Electric Detangling Brush. It smoothly goes on like butter through the hair, keeping it shiny without any struggle and pain.

There is a reason moms call our Top Rated Electric Detangler the Magic Brush - it helps you go through a “rat nest” like tangled hair in a breeze. No more tugging, pulling, cries, tantrums, and time wasted every morning. Now moms can end the daily hair battle with this one of a kind brush.

Detangle any type of hair - thick, wavy, curly, coily 4B & 4C, - without the shedding and breakage.

Maintain smooth and tangle-free hair all day anywhere you go with this cordless and battery-powered Electric Detangler.

Quickly comb and detangle hair every morning or evening. Spend less time fighting with hair and more time bonding with your kid.

Save even more money on expensive hair products and overpriced hair detangling tools that are not effective.

How to Use:

  • Make sure it has two AA batteries then switch it on - it's so easy to operate and ready to use anytime that even kids can use it without adult help.
  • Use it like a regular brush and run through wet or dry hair - the brush’s teeth move back and forth to gently loosen knots and tangles from even the most stubborn hair.
  • Switch it off after use and make sure to cover the brush to protect the detangling head during storage.

SIMPLE & CORDLESS -  Enjoy cordless convenience with this battery-powered brush. On/Off Switch: Easy operation so kids can detangle on their own.

GENTLE & SAFE - The specifically designed soft tip teeth protect the scalp while preventing pulling or tugging of hair. It does not hurt or damage the hair in any way. This brush is kids friendly so your kids will love using it.

Combtastic - Revolutionary Electric Hair Detangling Brush

VIBRATING MASSAGE - Gentle massage on your scalp makes it a pleasure to use the brush over and over again.

Combtastic - Revolutionary Electric Hair Detangling Brush

PORTABLE - Lightweight and easy to carry design makes it a perfect companion wherever you go. The slip-on cover protects the detangling head during storage and travel.