BackRelief™- Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt

BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt
BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt
BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt
BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt
BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt
BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt
BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt
BackRelief™-   Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt

SAVE 60% ( $120.00 ) TODAY

  • Effortlessly relieve back pain at home in minutes. Offers long-term relief over temporary comfort.
  • Sleep better and improve mental focus and productivity
  • Lightweight and designed for movement. It can be discreetly worn under clothing allowing you to perform daily activities.
  • Relaxes muscle spasms, muscle cramps and relieve back strain pain.
  • Treats back pain. Not just eases it.
  • Helps realign the spine and improve proper posture promoting an optimal healing environment.
  • Chiropractor approved and recommended

world's most effective natural back pain treatment

Why backrelief

Beyond your physical pain. A mental compromise.

The spine supports us in every activity we do. Any pain coming from it affects us more than we know.

Everyone knows that chronic back problems is bad for long term health.

When back pain is not treated, it slowly leads into more health and mental problems llike Headaches, Muscle Fatigue, Body Aches,and Poor Focus, restless nights, increased stress, reduced productivity and social impairment.

The quality and duration of sleep you get every night set the tone for the rest of your day.

Don’t lose rest to back pain by waking up multiple times a night, or at worse, not getting any sleep at all.

Do You Suffer of Any of these common back issues? Then BackRelief is for you!

treats the cause not the symptom

how backrelief works

The BackRelief™ Back Support Belt innovative decompression system stretches out your lumbar area to relieve pressure on your back muscles and effectively relief back pain.

The belt quickly and easily inflates to hold your midsection together, stabilize your spine and gently stretch the torso vertically displacing stress away from the affected disc and nerve relieving your back and pinched nerves.

Spinal decompression devices use the same basic principle of spinal traction that has been offered by chiropractors, osteopaths, and other appropriately trained health professionals for many years. 

The increased popularity of air belts is due to the simple fact they provide a super comfortable form of back support.

The result is a confident all around Strong Back feel.

benefits of spinal decompression

  • Drug free back pain relief
  • Easily provide on the spot treatment
  • Relieve pain and promote an optimal healing environment for bulging, degenerating, or herniated discs.
  • Improve flow of nutrients for a long term healing

Seek comfort. Find Comfort

simple . effective

see the difference

look better . feel better

The lower back is especially vulnerable to pain caused by poor posture. The lower back supports the weight of your upper body.

When you slouch or slump, your spine is not in proper alignment so your muscles and ligaments strain to keep you balanced. Uneven pressure on the vertebrae leads to wear and tear.

Bending forward can trigger severe back pain and muscle spasms because the muscles are working hard to hold the spine together.

By using the belt for 30 minutes a day you will provide a strong support and stabilize the lower back to decrease pressure off your back , gently re-align the spine by exerting pressure evenly and allow the spine to return to its natural shape.

designed for movement

feel good. do anything

he Belt is simple and comfortable to use.

The belt System promotes active rehabilitation while strengthening and stabilizing the spine. The belt is flexible and does not restrict muscle movement.

Quickly put on and inflate to provide excellent support and optimal relief while walking, driving, playing golf or doing errands around the house.. Or even just relaxing and sitting in a chair!

It’s unique design its a One Size Fits Most. Use the adjustable Velcro that can fit 29 to 55-inch waists!

SAVE 60% ( $120.00 ) TODAY

the rest of your life awaits

stop back pain
from stopping you

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customer image

Walter Nguyen


"Rarely do I rate products online but this product deserves to be rated. I was experiencing extreme pain in may back due to L3 - L5 and T11 degeneration. I purchased it on a Friday and received it at my home on Sunday.

Put it on and within 30 minutes I was feeling much better.I have used it for a week now, for about 3 hours a day and my back pain is essentially gone! You don't have to wear it all the time, about 30 - 60 minutes twice a day works for me, but I wear it anytime I am doing any lifting or physical work" -  

customer image

Fred Sims


I absolutely love this belt. The support it gives for my lower back is phenomenal. After being on my feet all day at work my back would be in agony. Wearing this belt gets me through the day. I often don't even have to take my Tramadol when I'm wearing this belt. This belt replaced an old belt I had that finally gave up the ghost after years of service. That belt cost about six times as much as this belt. This belt has a very attractive price and does the same job giving the same results as my older much more expensive belt. I highly recommend this belt.

customer image

Emma Greer

Physical therapist

I got this for my husband who has a lot of back pain after ONE USE HE WAS OUT OF PAIN, REALLY I HAVE MY HUSBAND BACK HE IS SO HAPPY WITHOUT THE BACK PAIN I ALSO GOT HIM ONE FOR HIS NECK AS WELL he uses both products in the beginning about 3 to 4 times a week, now he only uses them every once and a while THIS PRODUCT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE OR SHOULD I SAY GET YOUR LIFE BACK, BEST BUY I EVERY MADE FOR MY HUSBAND, I DO THANK GOD AS WELL, OUR LIVES ARE BACK TO NORMAL

customer image

Ann Vasquez


This is fantastic. I wear under clothing as it stays in place better on my skin. This belt is very great. I try not to do much bending such as when planting in garden because I don't want to bend the belt. But for 99% of my day I love this. No doctor in years ever helped with chronic aching pain where I couldn't walk upright. This helped me the first day, no pain anymore from lumbar discs and spinal stenosis. 

customer image

Tony Holland

Store Manager

Recently I had an extreme lower back pain, and my doctor told me that might be caused by a lumbar dislocation. He recommended me to avoid any movement with my waist, which is a little hard for me. However, this lumbar support indeed fixed my waist position even during sleeping, so I give this one 5 stars! 

customer image

Ruth Bailey


After years on pain pills I was able to wean off. Unfortunately I suffer great pain that radiated from my lower back down my hips and legs. I was extremely desperate when I ordered this and really didn't think it would work but I have been trying everything I can get my hands on including a $4,000 adjustable bed. The bed did not work and I sleep on the floor next to it. After using the back brace for just a few times I was amazed at the amount of relief it made me. I think this is an awesome product! 

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treat back pain. Not just eases it.

frequently asked questions

Will this weaken my back muscles?
What size is right for me?
Can women wear this too?
How long can I wear it?
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Try the BackRelief Brace completely risk free for 30 days. If for whatever reason you decide you aren’t satisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll refund you, no questions asked!

BackRelief™- Sciatica And Back Pain Reliever Belt


SAVE 60% ( $120.00 ) TODAY

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