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Air Tight Food Container
Air Tight Food Container
Air Tight Food Container

Air Tight Food Container

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This Adjustable Air Tight Storage Jar is a must have item if you like to keep your foods fresh for long periods of time.

It features an innovative system where you can fill the storage container then press down to ensure that all air is removed from the jar and will keep your foodstuffs fresher than ever before.

You can use it with any food in your home including vegetables, coffee and fresh herbs. You will not regret this purchase, it is one of those kitchen gadgets that make you wonder how you ever managed life without one!

Main Features

  • ADJUSTABLE: It can change in size to perfectly accommodate its contents between 16 oz & 32 oz (470 ml - 960 ml).
  • SPACE-EFFICIENT: It only takes up exactly as much space as it needs to hold its contents.
  • FRESH-KEEPING: Air goes out and doesn’t come back in. It keeps food fresher for longer. "Swoosh" sound guaranteed. No electricity needed.
  • VISIBLE: The main body of the container is made of crystal clear transparent plastic. 360-degree clarity helps you get the right one instantly.


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