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Spotzie™ Ice Roller

Spotzie™ Ice Roller

Spotzie™ Ice Roller

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Combine the benefits of Ice and Massage in one single product. Activate your Ice Roller in the freezer for 2 hours and use your Ice Roller for up to 6 hours of ice-cold muscle relief. Our patent-pending 2 in 1 design allows the user to access the free-rolling Ice Roller for mobility and total-body use.

Use the Ice Roller across your entire body to accelerate and recover damaged or inflamed muscles and injuries. Increase blood and lymphatic flow using trigger point myofascial release.

Relieve muscle spasms, stiffness or joint pain. Help break up scar tissue and improve lactic acid build-up. Combat muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness, and knots while promoting natural stress relief.

[ Ice + Massage ] Roller = Spotzie™ Ice Roller

Ice meets massage with the Spotzie Ice Roller. Up to 6-Hours cold, the Ice Roller is activated in the freezer when not in use.

Used in all 5 Major Leagues

Spotzie is trusted by training rooms and teams in all 5 major leagues and is the only roller on the market that can stay cold for up to 6 hours - we specifically designed the Ice Roller with traveling athletes in mind and made sure the product can stay cold for easy travel.

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