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Double Line Outline Pen

Double Line Outline Pen

Double Line Outline Pen

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Draw a greeting card YOURSELF!

This Double Line Outline Pen adopts the style of double-line design, which makes the text you write no longer boring! 

It can be used to writing a gift card, drawing a picture, design a poster and make other DIY.
You have 8 Colors for you to choose from: black, green, purple, orange, pink, light blue, dark blue and yellow


Ideal for all hand lettering!

Mildliner features a chisel tip that helps you achieve fluid, elegant strokes. Available in 8 subtle colors that will enhance your design and allow you to express your creativity.

The glitter is biodegradable. Our eco glitter is made from a biodegradable cellulose film. This means that once its in the natural environment, microbes consume it, causing no harm to Mother Earth.

Double line highlighter
Each highlighter features water resistant, quick drying ink in soft colors
Available in 8 subtle hues: black, green, purple, orange, pink, sky blue, blue and yellow
Durable barrel with cap that fits securely and indicates highlighter color
Ideal for notetaking, reading, underlying, and color-coding

Simplify. Organize. Create
For all hand lettering and marking applications. The unique mild color shows up softly on paper and is excellent for layering. With its water resistant ink that doesn't bleed through, perfect for studying, organizing your planner or creating a beautiful bullet journal. Housed in a white barrel with minimal, clean design, and a convenient pocket clip that indicates the highlighter's color.

Doesn’t bleed through paper
Mild, water resistant, translucent ink
Cap indicates highlighter color

The Perfect Tool For Bullet Journaling!

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